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Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria US

Welcome to one of the largest and most diverse Provinces in the world! 


Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria US, or FAPAUS, is dedicated to supporting the Anglican Province of Alexandria. The Province encompasses four Dioceses, serving the countries of Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Tunisia, Djibouti, Chad, and Mauritania. They are also part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. 

Named after the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, one of the most important centers of early Christian theology, the Province of Alexandria was officially established as an autonomous Province of the Anglican Communion in 2020. 

“The birthing of the Province of Alexandria therefore provides greater opportunity for the Anglican Communion in Africa for fuller continental expression. This will enhance the role of the former Diocese of Egypt in building on the social transformation and inter-faith ministries within the North Africa region, across the continent and within the wider Anglican Communion in general.” J W Kofi deGraft-Johnson, General Secretary of CAPA

New Opportunity:  Tour/Christian pilgrimage to Tunisia in May of 2023, sponsored by Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria.  For more info and registration, please click  here.

About the Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria


The Christian leaders  who met in ancient Alexandria codified many foundational prayers and creeds that continue to be used throughout the world.  Now, more than sixteen centuries later, FAPAUS’ prayer is that we can support the new Province of Alexandria to live the gospel across these 10 African countries.

As a charitable organization, The Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria US (FAPAUS) succeeds the Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt (FADE). This charitable organization has grown over the last decade and now widens its focus to additional opportunities to serve more of Africa and the Middle East.


We’re honored to join in the holy mission of the Anglican Province of Alexandria, which is also closely associated with the Global South movement.  We’ve seen God work in so many places, from reconciliation between religious leaders in Cairo to the rapid growth of the church in Gambella. We’re so encouraged by what God has accomplished, and we’d be overjoyed to partner with you. 

“We are aware that many brothers and sisters, who served before us, have sown many seeds and now we are harvesting. May the Lord keep us faithful to Him and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Mouneer Anis, Anglican Archbishop of Alexandria

Our goal is to help support of the Anglican Province of Alexandria, whose mission is:

  • To reach the unreached with the Gospel of Christ
  • To grow Christ’s church by making disciples and equipping leaders
  • To serve our neighbors in Christ’s name
  • To work for unity among all Christians
  • To dialogue with other faith communities